Academic Advisory Office

Many students and researchers suffer from a lack of specialized advice and careful reviews of their research, thesis, and theses to obtain higher degrees and to advance academic and research work, so it is through the work of the European Center for Middle East Studies with a broad base of academics and researchers specialized in various human, social, economic and cultural fields, In parallel to the Center’s policy based on linking academic production with the needs of life to support development and democracy in the Middle East, the Center works to support academic study and provide the necessary advice to students Graduate studies and researchers in the field of their research and academic achievements.

The Center provides through the “Academic Consultation Office” reviews, proposals and consultations to researchers and students through specialized experts and communicates with them for a deep understanding of all the detailed issues they are studying, solving dilemmas, answering questions, reaching the high level of dealing with the material, and proceeding without hesitation for success.

     Providing consultations in the field of dissertations and university theses
     Review and audit texts
     Submit suggestions about references and sources
     Checking the logical construction of ideas

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