The European Centre for Middle East Studies

The European Center for Middle East Studies-ECMES is an accredited research and education foundation. It is concerned with the scientific study of the different issues of the Middle East in order to examine the challenges that face growth, democracy, and human rights in the region of the Middle East. The (E.C.M.E.S) addresses the present difficulties through analyzing and scrutinizing their historical origin and progress. Furthermore, our work is based on inciting freedom of expression, scientific accuracy and objectivity of information with the aim of obtaining radical solutions. In addition, the (E.C.M.E.S) focuses on strengthening the relation between researchers, specialists, and experts from different political, economic, social, legal, cultural, and religious fields. Another objective of the (E.C.M.E.S) is to collaborate and partner with research centers, research and academic institutions, and civil society organizations.

The primary function of the European Center for Middle East Studies is to incite and coordinate research and studies on issues of the Middle East in social and official contexts, including lectures, conferences, seminars, and panel discussions. The (E.C.M.E.S) also provides the public with free educational resources, and professional development and training programs. The (E.C.M.E.S) carries out this mission by conducting research and analysis, managing the Department of Training and Public Education, holding conferences and workshops, and creating academic and political disciplines. In many of its projects, the (E.C.M.E.S) works in collaboration with non-governmental organizations, educational institutions, international organizations and local organizations.